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Posted by Jamie Resker on Jun 16, 2011 5:42:00 PM

The Boston Business Journal honored the 75 best places to work in Boston. The event named the top companies across three categories – large, medium and small businesses.  The midsize business winner for the second year in a row was HubSpot which also happens to be the vendor we use for our web platform.  Check out the video above, featuring some of the Hubspot staff (aka as HubSpotters) and you can easily see how much fun employees have working at this unique 200 person company.  Hmmmm, how do we get employees to voluntarily sing and rap about their employer's products and services?

The Best Places to Work honorees and ranking are the result of an employee survey conducted by the Boston Business Journal and Quantum Workplace, which analyzed submissions from 320 Boston-area companies whose employees filled out an anonymous survey. 

Of interest, one of the questions on the survey asked respondents to rank order 10 employee recognition options.  Here were the top three choices:

  1. Spontaneous cash bonuses
  2. Opportunities for new learning and development
  3. Ability to work autonomously

These three beat out annual pay increases.  Ping pong tables and beer in the fridge might be nice to haves but if you’re going to engage and recognize your high potentials and top performers you’ll want to have formal or informal initiatives around employee training and development.   Too small to have formal initiatives or your HR function hasn’t put something in place?  If you’re a leader this shouldn’t present a problem.  Even just asking people on your team on a regular basis, “what are you interested in working on?” is a start.  One organization asks this question twice yearly. 

Try to weave people’s interests into their responsibilities. Be creative.  One manager tells the story of an Accounts Payable staffer that had a keen interest in public speaking.  The leader allowed this staff member to make monthly presentations to the finance department.

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