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Performance Feedback Training for Managers

Posted by Jamie Resker on Sep 29, 2013 3:39:00 PM

Findings from the 2013 Mercer Global Performance Management Survey report that performance management initiatives could and should be more effective.  Only 3% of the 1,050 survey participants from 53 countries say their performance management program provides exceptional value. Ouch. The biggest problem:  only 6% of managers are highly skilled at having candid performance conversations.  One in three organizations said the ability of managers and employees to engage in performance conversations is key and has the greatest impact on company performance.  

HR pros revisit their performance management processes every few years hoping the next version will be better.  Well it won’t.  Why?  Focusing on the forms, processes, ratings schemes, competency models and automation technology will continue to under-deliver.  Performance management is about the conversations 11 months before and after the annual performance review. Not the forms and process.  The message couldn’t be any clearer.  Managers and employees need training and simple processes for giving and receiving performance feedback.   Telling managers to give feedback won’t make it so.  It’s time to start investing in skill building.  If only 6% of managers are skilled at having performance conversations changes there’s some work to do. Opportunity awaits the remaining 94% of managers. What are you doing to build this capability in your organization?


Organizations Lack Confidence in Their Performance Management
Infographic by Mercer Insights

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