Uncovering and Solving Problematic Employee Performance in Your Organization

The top forty percent of employees deliver five times the results of the other sixty percent.  How much more effectively could your organization operate if this number were seventy or more?  The first step is taking an inventory of the employee performance levels in your organization. 

In this session, you will learn how to identify the current state of your organization’s workforce:

  1. High Accountable, your steady and reliable to high impact individuals
  2. New to the role and making steady progress
  3. Nice with on-target behaviors, but work output is less than expected
  4. Mid to high work output, but value-detracting behavior depletes the time and energy of others, impairs cooperation and workflow, creates more work for the manager, and more
  5. Low work output with value-detracting behavior

Ideally, the bulk of your employees should be in the first two "green" categories.  The opportunity is in identifying your “at-risk-in-the-red-employees,” understanding and naming the problem, and helping to coach the individual forward.  

Off-target performance should be addressed with timely as-needed conversations.

In reality, just 6% of managers are skilled at discussing performance.

So, this means that 94% of managers are not engaging in frank discussions?    Why?

Even with the best of intentions, conversations meant to be “constructive,” can come across to the receiver as too harsh.  Naturally, people on the receiving end of criticism react defensively, will deflect, or rationalize a past action.   Fear of an adverse reaction or anxiety about the possible damage to an important work relationship prevents most people from initiating conversations altogether.   New Call-to-action

Here’s the good news:  You can coach and inspire future performance, even with hard to discuss behaviors, without having to raise negative examples and criticize someone’s past actions.   Learn how to initiate as-needed conversations and set up a system of quick, but structured check-ins that will drive, align, and track performance throughout your organization.