A.)  Facilitator Materials

Manager's Program:  Coach Forward, Conversations to Optimize Employee Performance

All Employee Program:
  Conversations to Optimize Your Performance and Potential


B.)  Career Pathways Supporting Materials for Nasuni


Updated on 6/20/18

Explanation of how the steps and process are connected


I.  10-Minute Questions Conversation

provide electronic copy to managers to hold their conversations with direct reports

II.  30-Minute Conversation + Performance Conversation Planner + Performance Continuum Snapshot Worksheets (once per year)

completed by the Manager

 Completed by the employee and used to prepare for the 30-Minute Conversation, guide the discussion and take notes.

  • Performance Continuum Snapshot
    The employee shares where he/she sees themselves on the Continuum and then the manager or supervisor shares his/her perspective.  This is done after the second team plotting session with at least two 10-Minute Question Conversations beforehand.  Click here for updated version

III.  Team Plotting Tools



IV.  Peer Conversations


Program Materials and all aspects of the Conversations to Connect Training Program are the confidential information of Employee Performance Solutions LLC (The Licensor). 

The Licensor’s materials are designed to be used as produced by Licensor within the Client Organization. The materials may not be photocopied, reproduced or modified without Licensor’s prior written consent. Each workshop participant must have his or her own individual set of original participant materials, which must be purchased from Licensor and may not be reused by subsequent participants.  The licensing fee is incorporated into the cost of each set of participant materials.

Workshops may only be facilitated by Certified Facilitators who have participated in the Train-the-Trainer facilitation program as provided by Licensor. 

The material may be taught within the Client Organization only, American Jewish World Services, Inc.  Should the Certified Facilitator leave the Client Organization and wish to facilitate the program elsewhere, a new agreement must be initiated with the new Client Organization.