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Reinventing Performance Management - Program for HR Teams


Program Overview

The pressure is on for HR to introduce new thinking on a practice long overdue for change.   Performance management should and can drive performance and business results.  HR is poised to create a system that engages everyone, boosts organizational results and creates a strategic advantage.  Your prime goal in 2017 should be to fix performance management, regardless of your industry, geographical location or size.  This requires a new way of thinking — an approach that can be presented and socialized as a convincing case for phasing-out performance appraisals while actually improving employee and organizational performance. Spend a day with Jamie Resker and you'll learn how to implement the changes you want to see.

This is an ideal session for intact human resources and leadership teams working to reinvent performance management.  

This program will provide everything you’ll need to be a proactive catalyst of a process that works smarter, is more efficient and easy to use, and benefits the entire organization. Walk away with new thinking, tools, and a personalized change management plan to remake and re-brand managing employee performance, taking it from a drain on morale and productivity to a strategic advantage for your organization.



Learning Objectives


  • Explore the reasons behind why the continual redesign of legacy processes such as ratings, annual reviews and competency models, appraisal as legal documentation, and pay for performance, continue to fall short of expectations.
  • Assess your organization’s current practices, unique circumstances and readiness for change. Create a personalized strategy that identifies target objectives and an action plan specific for the changes you want to see in your organization.
  • Clearly frame employee performance as a business imperative — understand and make the connection for others that the performance effectiveness of each employee makes a difference in organizational performance.
  • Acquire proven communication strategies designed to socialize alternatives to performance appraisal, involve your change sponsors, and influence change resisters.
  • Re-shape and strengthen manager and employee communications, with a framework that builds a culture of the regular exchange of two-way feedback that over time improves performance and work relationships..

Key Takeaways


  • Tools and ideas to confidently influence key decision makers and partner with functional groups throughout your organization.
  • Alternatives to managing pay without the use of performance appraisals and ratings.
  • A model to measure employee effectiveness in a visual manner.
  • A planning document to socialize your ideas with key decision makers and stakeholders across your organization.
  • Framework for shifting the ownership and leadership of performance management from human resources to managers and employees.
  • Workbook with over 50-pages of sample communictins and tools that can be modified to fit your organization and launch your new and improved performance management system.