Performance Continuum Feedback and Insight Method®

Our Performance Continuum Feedback and Insight Method® taught in the Manager's Workshop builds the skills of your managers to help create a culture of high performers and maximize the potential of every employee in your organization.  

The Method represents a new direction with bypassing the need to raise negative performance issues, thus avoiding defensive reactions. Learning to re-frame conversations into non-critical requests, managers effectively coach employees without seeming harsh, confrontational or threatening. The focus is on performance solutions and goals. We train managers to assess performance levels, identify performance types, and implement the 10-Minute Questions Conversation, a framework used to strengthen the employee/manager relationship to drive and align performance.  


Collaboration and Cooperation

Our approach reduces defensive reactions to feedback because the emphasis is on course-correction versus placing blame and criticizing issues that should have been handled in-the-moment.    

Through our performance feedback and coaching skills training, managers learn to accurately assess performance levels and employee performance types to identify key development areas. Providing insightful feedback through short and informal conversations, managers learn to help employees with relevant, helpful, and action-based information.

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