All-Staff Workshop

Self-Managing Your Performance and Potential

Expanding Your Perspective Through Others

talkIf your organization is moving away from annual performance reviews to the new ongoing performance management conversation model you will be a more active participant in managing your performance and development.  This program provides new skills and easy to use tools that will put you in control of managing your performance and potential in a way that supports your short and long term career objectives.  The key for unlocking your potential is learning to asking thoughtful questions that result in new points of view from managers, colleagues, and customers, etc.  New insights and perspectives lead to leveraging your strengths and identifying continued improvement opportunities.  Learn how to use tools and strategies to engage others in your development.  

The purpose of the workshops is to increase everyone’s ability to:

1.  Independently solicit feedback (important-to-know insights)


2.  Move from a passive "waiting for feedback" to an "I'm responsible for sourcing information about my 
     performance and development" mindset


Individuals attending this program are ready to be participants in the Ongoing Conversation Framework with their managers and ask powerful questions of anyone at anytime to receive timely information that supports in-role performance and future development.  Our consulting sets you up for success with an ongoing performance management program that emphasizes the right conversations and operationalizes the workshop tools and skills. 

Audience:  All Staff    

Learning Objectives

  • 1.  Develop the Capacity to Invite New Insights and Coaching

    Self manage your performance and potential through taking the initiative to solicit different  points of view from your professional network.  Shrink your blind spots by learning how to ask questions to elicit information that is specific and helpful.  Gain access to a "library" of power questions and learn to develop your own.  

  • 2.  Expand Your Perspective Through Others

    Learn how to engage others to help you grow.  Discover how everyday work interactions with your manager, customers, colleagues and others can offer the best opportunities for on-the-spot insights and on-the-job growth. 

  • 3.  Ask Your Manager for Feedback

    Learn about a framework for brief conversations with your manager to recognize accomplishments and what is next to focus on.  The approach emphasizes asking questions that lead to information you can use to leverage your strengths and become even more effective in your role.  This conversation goes beyond talking about tasks and projects; the focus is on what is working now and discovering the most important area for additional progress.    

  • 5.  Consider the Role of Behavior

    Stellar work results are not enough.  How others experience interacting with you can make or break your reputation as someone with more potential.  Explore the impact of behavior on  career trajectory, organizational culture, productivity, team dynamics, and more.  Learn how to assess your own behavior and seek input from others to balance your self-awareness.

  • 6.  Open Up to New Insights

    Discovering yourself through the eyes of others can feel daunting.  Learn how to manage the apprehension that accompanies requests for feedback and develop the capacity to hear “need-to-know” information that could make the difference between a successful or stalled career.