Program:  The Do's and Don'ts of Modernizing Your Performance Management Process

Date: Wednesday, February 27, 2019
Time: 1:00 - 2:00 pm US Eastern Standard Time
Where:  Online
Credit Hours: 
1.0 SHRM and HRCI

Registration Link: Northeast Human Resources Association


Are your managers and employees engaging in ongoing dialogue to drive and align performance?  Employees today expect more frequent conversations that feel more like coaching than an evaluation of last year’s work.   

If you’ve been in HR long enough you know that tinkering with forms, ratings, and competencies fall short of fundamentally changing the system.   Transforming the process requires new thinking and energy to create a simple yet effective approach that delivers real value to employees, people managers, senior leaders, and HR.   Performance management should deliver on the promise of driving and aligning people’s performance and potential.  You can make it happen. 

While moving away from traditional performance management practices is no longer a new topic, many practical questions about implementing the new model remain, and thoughtful planning is essential. 

Join Jamie Resker, Founder and Practice Leader at Employee Performance Solutions to explore ideas for evolving performance management.  She will share ideas for creating a system that more accurately reflects how people work today.  She helps organizations make the shift away from reviewing and rating past performance to building the capacity of everyone in the organization to speak regularly and candidly about strengths, accomplishments, and more methodically re-direct off-target performance. Her Conversations to Optimize Employee Performance program provides skills and tools to help transition managers from the performance evaluator role to coaching for bringing-out-the best-in-people mindset.    

Learn how to:
  • Measure performance and develop your employees without annual reviews and ratings.
  • Reshape manager and employee communication by re-orienting the manager's role from judging and evaluating to coaching forward.  
  • Anticipate and prepare for the three most common objections to changing performance management.     
  • Identify and help to course-correct under performing employees, and learn why an over-reliance on reviews and ratings can backfire when relied upon to document problem performance.  






Program:  3 Keys to Modernizing Your Performance Management Process

Date: October 17, 2017
Time: 2 - 3 pm US Eastern Standard Time
Credit Hours: 1.0 SHRM and HRCI

Registration Link: Northeast Human Resources Association


Employees today expect continuous performance feedback; waiting a whole year for an annual review is coming to an end.  The pressure is on to introduce new thinking into a practice long overdue for change as the call for performance management reform grows louder by the week.  Many try to answer this problem through a perpetual redesign of forms, ratings, competencies and looking for a magical technology solution (only to find themselves back to the drawing board a few years later).  There are many new offerings including apps and online tools all claiming to be the antidote to the annual performance review.  The question is:  what’s right for your organization and how can you insure that moving away from traditional practices will be more effective than your current system?


Learn how to:

  • Measure performance in the absence of ratings (and make pay decisions)
  • Remove the need for annual reviews, but still document performance issues
  • Influence decision makers and change resistors to move away from annual reviews to the continuous performance management model

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