Learn How Performance Management is Changing

Organizations of All Sizes Are Moving Away From Annual Reviews and Ratings

The nature of work has changed to be more collaborative, social and fast moving.  See how performance management is keeping pace.  Watch this video to see organizations are moving towards continuous performance management conversations and away from looking backward at past performance.  




A Visual Model to Measure Employee Performance

An Alternative to Traditional Performance Ratings and Rankings

How a  2-dimensional model differentiates employee performance; measuring results and behaviors without using performance rankings and ratings.



Explanation for Why Performance Ratings Don't Work

Reasons to Stop Using Traditional Performance Ratings and Rankings

In this video I demonstrate how a 4-box visual model for understanding employee performance outdoes the commonly used five level scale.  See how a dual rating scale or rating on the Employee Performance Continuum meaningfully differentiates employee performance.  This can be done on a  peice of paper - no fancy on-line tool required.

  • The explanatin for why performance rating scales and rankings don't, can't and won't ever work
  • How to use a visual method for understanding employee performance
  • Clearly identify and see the six employee performance levels