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The Future of the Performance Review

Posted on 02/20/2015 By Jamie Resker

Hear three experts talk about their take on the performance review.  National Public Radio produced a story about “The Future of the Performance Review”.   “Performance review” is perhaps the most hated phrase in the workplace. Studies show it’s not just employees, but also managers and even HR professionals who dislike the practice. “The interview discusses  the typical process: why we do it, why we hate it and how it can be improved.  Performance reviews are perhaps the most hated workplace ritual we have. A recent survey found nearly 90 percent of employees think they’re a waste of time. And it’s not only those being evaluated who feel that way, but also managers and even the HR professionals who run the process. Some high profile have scrapped their appraisals, yet most still rely on them to determine promotions and bonuses and provide accountability”.

If you are trying to solve the performance review conundrum or are frustrated by the process then this story is worth listening to:


Source:  The Diane Rehm Show, March 19, 2014, National Public Radio