Employee Development Workshop

Focus on Your High, Mid-level, Up-and-Coming and Low Performers 

The Challenge
Four out of five employees say recognition and feedback motivates them to do a better job, yet most employees say they do not receive enough feedback from their boss. 

When it comes to developing talent, providing quality feedback is the most underutilized "tool" in any manager's toolkit. Most managers report that they are too busy to provide feedback, develop their employees and set meaningful goals. 

A New Approach
Organizational leaders must gain new skills and acquire tools to better evaluate employee performance, and to create and deliver meaningful feedback to their teams. By proactively assessing employee performance and engagement, managers can encourage and connect with high- and mid-level performers on a more consistent basis. Further, by identifying and addressing performance issues with underperformers immediately, managers can positively impact the overall success of their teams and, ultimately, the business as a whole.

Session Takeaways

  • Learn to engage, retain and develop your high performers through discussions that communicate their value, show appreciation for their work, gain their perspective on their current performance and co-develop SMART professional development goals.
  • Learn to engage, retain and develop your mid-level performers by identifying development opportunities and employee strengths, motivating the employee to build on strengths and past successes, expressing commitment to the employee’s development, and developing SMART Goals.
  • Understand the impact that lingering underperformers have on your organization’s ability to retain, motivate and increase the number of high- and mid-level performers.  
  • Translate behavior-based issues into SMART Goals.

Tools Participants Will Take Away

  • Participants will leave with a specific and manageable action plan that can be used back on the job to follow through on scheduling and sequencing customized conversations with their employees at all performance levels.
  • Templates, tools and job aids, which can all be customized based on your organization’s performance management philosophy, process and supporting forms.
  • Materials will be provided in the form of participant workbooks with reproducible tools in soft copy, with the right to reproduce the tools for use back on the job.

Who Should Attend?
Managers, supervisors, team leaders and HR professionals that provide performance feedback to employees.

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