The Small Conversations with Big Impact Workshop was extremely useful and relevant. The material was competently presented and specific “real time” to my issues. It was not abstract or loose, as other presentations have been. The handout material was excellent and will be very useful to me.

I realized that effective performers who bring behavioral issues to the table are not top overall performers. I now know how necessary it is to teach this understanding to our President and managers.

HR Manager Participant

The Manchester Area HR Association and the Concord HR Association hired Jamie to conduct a 3 hours seminar for over 300 people in Sept 09. This event was a huge success and we received our highest ratings of the year from the attendees. This was due to Jamie's presentation style, detail, and her way of explaining complex ideas in an easy to follow style. In short, she delivered. I would highly recommend Jamie to present this topic (performance management) to groups of any size and make-up. We look forward to again having Jamie speak at a future event.

Conference Co-Chair

I had an issue with one of the employees on my staff that perfectly related to the material.  I had to approach this employee two days after the class and I thought the material perfectly prepared me to have a difficult performance-based discussion (that I had been secretly fearing).   I certainly felt more prepared to deal with any defensive reactions, and I strongly focused on the types of behavior and performance that I wanted to see in the future, what the next steps were, and other areas.  Needless to say, it went much smoother than I had been anticipating, and the employee didn't have the defensive or negative reaction that I had feared.  I feel like I was able to deliver a strong message via the feedback, but to present it in a meaningful and constructive way that helped the employee understand how his/her behavior was impacting others.   The in-class exercise I performed prepared me for the conversation.  It was certainly nice to be able to put the class materials to use while it was so fresh!

Software Company

Performance = Behaviors + Results) -- borrowed from the prior CEO of Quest Diagnostics, Ken Freeman. Both behaviors (how the job gets done) and results (i.e., what gets done in terms of job performance/skills/goal attainment) are very important to address in the performance equation. I will even argue that behaviors are almost more important especially with our goal to work with employees who uphold and are aligned with our core values.  We want to recognize and reward when people are modeling great behaviors and identify/address quickly when people are not (for their benefit as well as for ours). This stuff is not always easy and this is why we are bringing Employee Performance Solutions in, to help us all get more effective at coaching, motivating and developing our employees so to optimize their performance for a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship.

SVP of Human Resources
Financial Holdings Company

Turning uncensored perceptions into positive focused feedback is brilliant.  

Banking Executive 

"Jamie has a wonderful ability to keep participants engaged with the use of real life examples, interactive high impact exercises and a bit of (appropriate) humor."

VP of Employee Development
Banking Client

After implementing this really simple program, we saw results. Managers began having long overdue discussions and we began seeing improvement. In one case, one of our managers had scheduled a performance discussion immediately following one of the day-long sessions. During the workshop he prepared his talking points (part of the program is preparing an actual feedback message) and he also learned how to anticipate the employee's response and how to manage the conversation. He was confident going into the meeting and the issue was as tough as they get. The outcome was that the employee acknowledged the issue right off the bat!

Head of Training and Development
Financial Services Organization

I'm still hearing quite positive stuff back from your workshop such as, I have already used this information!

Healthcare Learning and Development Professional

I was impressed with Performance Continuum Feedback Method. Our organization has struggled with incorporating employee behavioral factors into our performance management discussions. This method provides supervisors and managers with the tools to prepare and deliver targeted performance discussions. Jamie’s style in delivering the workshop engaged our managers while her one-on-one follow-ups gave us the confidence to use the tools."

Director of Human Resources
Avecia Biotechnology Inc.

The PCFM is a clear, accessible model for a wide variety of management styles and types. An approach that's truly in service of not only the organization's goals to be productive but also to maintaining employee dignity and self worth.

Vice President, Talent Development
Rockland Trust

The method is simple yet profound and practical.

Carole DiFabio, Program Administrator
Boston College

Jamie worked closely with our HR organization to create a customized session that addressed some fairly serious accountability issues. The session helped everyone see that they’re on the same team and have the same goals. The training was so effective that we’re planning to continue working with Jamie on other performance-related issues."

Director, Learning and Development
Nuance Communications, Inc.

Feedback from our managers was that the approach feels like an algorithm. We're a technology company and our people identify with methodical approaches. Talking with employees about performance can feel overwhelming, but this step by step process provides a sense of logic and order.

Training Manager
BBN Technologies

The tool and approach are concise, pragmatic and right to the point.

Boston Private Bank and Trust

The thinking behind the Performance Continuum Feedback Method is sound, logical and just makes sense. The approach is made clear by the order in which the concepts are presented through examples and participant exercises.

Vice President, Talent Management
BBN Technologies

Terrific presentation! Jamie is a master presenter, at ease with all levels, highly energetic, and presents an easy to use but powerful performance tool that will save us time and simplify the process to identify performance needs, and quickly develop a constructive conversation with employees to bring about meaningful results.

Manager, Training & Development
TACO Incorporated

The Performance Continuum Feedback process is very well thought out, the exercises pertinent and to the point and the examples used during the workshop were highly relevant. I'm going to implement the methodology into the review process and to monitor my ongoing feedback.

President & CEO
Innovative Spinal Technologies

The Performance Continuum Model and Feedback Method is a great tool for managers to analyze their teams' performance development needs. It also gives managers a positive framework to communicate expectations to employees. We plan to integrate this model into our manager coaching, and to continue to train managers to use this model.

Senior Vice President of Human Resources
Boston Private Bank and Trust

The Performance Continuum Feedback concept and tool are uncomplicated, easily grasped and applied. It takes performance feedback to a practical level and during the workshop managers use a tool to identify key development opportunities for each of their employees and then construct the message and words that they would use during a discussion about performance. Managers walk out of the session already having crafted a few critical discussions, focusing on their most challenging and complex performance issues, and are ready to initiate conversations.

Training and Development Manager
Analog Devices, Inc.

Jamie has given us a new lens in how to see our employees' performance. Her training is like putting on a new pair of glasses – you instantly see the development areas because all at once you can differentiate the job skills from the behaviors. Her performance management training and style are so effective that we invited 80 of our managers to attend the training before they wrote their performance reviews. Her training and program are highly recommend!

Head of Human Resources
The First Church of Christ, Scientist – Boston, MA

After Jamie trained our managers we then asked her to return to present informational sessions for our individual contributors. The Employee Performance Solutions visual and step model comes across, simply and clearly and for our organization it offered a new concept when we wanted to educate all employees on their role in the direct connection between behaviors and overall performance effectiveness. The Performance Continuum Feedback Method and how Jamie presents the material with supporting examples, discussion and activities offers a new way of thinking about performance by taking something that by it’s very nature can be overwhelming and complex by breaking it down into doable steps.

Director of Human Resources & President and Chief Executive Officer
Duncaster, Inc.