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The Employee Performance Continuum®

The Employee Performance Continuum® visually maps the performance levels of employees:

  • On-Target Work Results / On-Target Behaviors, high accountable employees
  • New and Developing Work Results / On-Target Behaviors, employees who are new to a role and making expected progress
  • Off-Target Work Results / On-Target Behaviors, indicating that the employee is not new to the role and not making expected progress (likely in the wrong role)
  • On-Target Work Results / Off-Target Value Detracting Behavior, indicating a need for modification of an observable behavior
  • Off-Target Work Results / Off-Target Value Detracting Behavior, indicating a need for swift action to improve performance or remove the individual from the role

We provide the training and tools to help drive employees towards the upper right: 
On-Target Work Results
and Observable Behaviors

We start by re-shaping communications between managers and employees based on two-way, frequent, informal conversations designed to exchange meaningful information. When managers and employees are comfortable speaking frequently and candidly, strengths and accomplishments are acknowledged and performance expectations are easily discussed, so everyone can focus on exceptional results.  Our approach is particularly effective when addressing Off-Target Behavior in a way that helps the manager coach the employee forward.

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