Implement a System to Assess Performance Without Ratings

Team Plotting Process

Learn the correct way to assess employee Work Results and Observed Behaviors to Track performance effectiveness throughout your organization. 



Accurately Assess and Visually Track Employee Performance Throughout Your Organization

The Team Plotting/Discovery Session teaches you how to properly apply the 4-Box Employee Performance Continuum to assess effectiveness throughout your organization. You will have a clear picture of employees in these categories:

High, mid-level/solid, new/developing, on-target behavior with off-target work results, on-target results with off-target behavior, and a combination of off-target work results and behavior. Within these categories, there will be variations and differing circumstances.

 You'll learn how to uncover each employee's unique qualities and opportunities for higher performance.

Tracking and Reporting Web Application

Use the 10MinuteConversation web platform to record, track, and report performance effectiveness across the organization by manager, departments, location, or division. Measure your employees' progress and use the information to help inform the best plan for each employee (conversations and action items).

Reduce Bias in Assessing Employee Performance

With our coaching and guidance, you'll build the internal capabilities to apply the assessment methodology accurately, fairly, and consistently. With real-life examples, ensure that the plotting points are correctly applied for Work Results and Observed Behaviors. You'll learn how to uncover each employee's unique qualities and opportunities for higher performance.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Differentiate and assess work results and observable behaviors—Identify when Work Results and Behaviors are "On-Target" or "Off-Target"; recognize opportunities for course-correction, professional development, and advancement.

  • Share their perspective—Describe an employee's positive contributions, identify issues, and areas for greater effectiveness.
  • Open up to new insights—Incorporate the perspective of peers and management to expand their point-of-view.
  • Engage in constructive conversations with peers and senior managers—Give and receive input for a more balanced and complete view of employee performance. Seek input about direct reports and share insight about the direct reports of your colleagues.

Experiential with the Goal of Developing In-House Capabilities for Ongoing Use

Learn by doing. While we accomplish assessing employee performance through the plotting sessions, you will also develop the capabilities to independently and confidently facilitate future sessions. Participants will learn-as-they-go. This session will further the knowledge of the managers who participated in the Conversations to Accelerate Employee Performance and Potential program.

The goal is to create a well-explored point-in-time visualization of current and planned employee performance.

How to Use the Information to Drive Higher Performance in Your Organization

Plotting is just the first step. The goal of using the Employee Performance Continuum to assess performance is not to "put people in boxes".  In fact, the process needs to be introduced in a way where people feel it is fair and will be used constructively. 

The information should be used to facilitate productive conversations between managers and employees.  The plotting process is intended to work with the tools and skills learned in the Conversations to Accelerate Employee Performance and Potential Manager's program (particularly the method for assessing and redirecting problem performance).  

Want to learn more or discuss how the process might work in your organization?