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Workshop for All Employees

Conversations and Tools to
Optimize Employee  Performance and Potential



This program prepares your employees to self-manage their performance to support short and long-term performance, development, and career goals.

Participants learn how to ask questions that will result in new insights to know:

  • What is working now, the actions and contributions that are appreciated and can be leveraged/repeated
  • How to be even more effective moving forward (course correction, a shift in behavior, different or altered actions, what to start doing more of or less of)

Asking for input enables employees to proactively uncover helpful information versus waiting passively and hoping someone else provides feedback.  

Participants Learn How to:

  • Engage in a two-way dialogue with their manager to comfortably give and receive helpful information.
  • Ask compelling questions that result in new points of view from managers, colleagues, and customers, etc.
  • Increase the ability to independently seek-out real-time insight by asking the right questions (rely less on the manager as the sole source of feedback).    

  • Who should participate in this program? 
    All-Staff (all employees)
  • How long is the program?
    2 hours (can be organized into 1-hour sessions)
  • Can this employee performance training be delivered virtually?
    Yes!  Our virtual facilitation approach creates an interactive, experiential learning environment that mimics our in-person sessions.

Learning Objectives

  • Expand Your Perspective

    Discover how everyday work interactions can offer the best opportunities for on-the-spot insights by learning how to ask thoughtful questions of managers, colleagues, and anyone you support and interact with at work.  

  • Feedback Versus Insight

    Learn the difference between feedback about past actions and insight (expanding your perspective by asking questions about what's working now and ideas for future contributions and improvements). Choose the approach that works best for you based on the situation and your preference. 

  • Prepare to Participate in the 10-Minute Questions Conversation With Your Manager

    Strengthen your communications with your manager with ongoing two-way conversations about your performance priorities, skill development, work interests, and your progress.  Learn a framework for brief one-to-one discussions with your manager to recognize accomplishments. strengths and near-term areas of focus.   Ongoing conversations about what's working now and how to be even more effective moving forward (versus annual reviews that look backward).


  • Steer Your Conversations by Setting the Agenda

    Learn how to pre-select questions to ask your manager to gain clear answers and insight about your: accomplishments, positive impact, short and long-term professional development interests, and your most immediate work priorities and action items. 

  • Self-Assess Your Performance, Potential, and Career Aspirations

    Use Two Visual Models to understand your current and planned performance, professional interests, and career direction.


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