1-Page Fillable Performance Development Conversation 

This form contains the three essential elements of a productive performance conversation "chunked" into smaller pieces with writing prompts.

  1. Managers using this form learn how to write meaningful content that can be used to facilitate a productive and engaging performance conversation
  2. You can add your organization's competencies or values to the form.

If your managers need to complete annual performance review forms, then the least you can do is make the ritual less menacing by shortening the form and eliminating redundancy.  

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The 9-Box Versus the 4-Box

The 9-Box is a commonly used tool to measure PERFORMANCE & POTENTIAL.  If you're wondering about the difference between the 4 and 9-box read on:

The 9-Box measures PERFORMANCE and POTENTIAL

The 4-Box (The Employee Performance Continuum) measures just PERFORMANCE.
Performance is broken into two components:  WORK RESULTS & BEHAVIOR.

Ask yourself what you are trying to achieve.  If your goal is understanding and measuring employee performance then use the Employee Performance Continuum.  

Copy of Measure Performance Without Ratings

Try Using the Employee Performance Continuum to Measure Employee Performance


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It's easy, intuitive, and more accurate than the traditional "Meets Expectations" style ratings!