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Optimize Employee Performance — 
Transform Your Organization

  • create an environment of quick, ongoing, two-way performance conversations
  • train your managers to be performance coaches
  • give employees the tools and skills to give and receive feedback
  • achieve optimal performance levels throughout your organization
  • deliver training through a variety of learning solutions 


Our client list illustrates the range of organizations and companies Employee Performance Solutions has worked with to modernize their performance management process and optimize employee performance. Our on-site instructor-led workshops, webinars, e-learning, training of internal facilitators, consultation services, supportive print materials, and online resources have helped these clients maximize the potential of managers and employees with exceptional results.

Case Studies

Our case studies demonstrate how Employee Performance Solutions can help transform organizations through optimizing employee performance. For over a decade, we have worked with companies of all sizes throughout New England and beyond with dramatic results. Our work with these clients has helped them to successfully reposition performance management from an overwhelming distraction to a strategic organizational advantage. 

“Employee Performance Solutions has a uniquely singular focus–optimizing employee performance. We have been doing this work and only this work, for over a decade. Our simple and proven process repositions performance management from an overwhelming distraction to a strategic organizational advantage.

Organizations frustrated by the inadequacies of quantitative ratings and ranking are turning to a more qualitative approach to performance management. This shift requires
frequent, informal, and insightful performance coaching conversations between managers and employees that facilitate on-going adjustments and improvements.

Creating a dynamic culture of performance development conversations between managers and employees is critical to your success. We can take you there with the training expertise and tools to help you build this capacity in your organization. ”

Jamie Resker
President and Practice Leader,
Employee Performance Solutions