We Help Organizations Transition from Annual Reviews and Ratings

to the Continuous Performance Management Model


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Organizations frustrated by the inadequacies of annual performance evaluations and ratings are turning to a more qualitative approach to performance management.  This shift requires more frequent, informal, and insightful performance coaching conversations designed to drive and align performance. 


While the movement away from annual performance reviews and ratings is no longer a new concept, it requires that HR professionals, managers, and employees to evolve their thinking and gain new skills to support the transition.  We can help.

Conversations to Drive and Align Employee Performance


The pressure is on to re-imagine the old system:


  • Employee’s expect more timely interactions and direction from their managers.


  • Organizations from global giants to start-ups are moving to the ongoing performance management model: a cadence of coaching-style conversations that provide ongoing insight, recognize contributions and leverage strengths, and course-correct off-target performance as needed.