Continuous Performance Management
isn't about conversations...

It's about having the right conversations

Our solution gets to the core of continuous performance management
by teaching your managers a formula to accurately assess performance and use this information to start and steer the right conversations.


Performance management should accomplish one thing

Driving and improving the performance of all employees in your organization.
Nothing more and nothing less.


Some simple tools, a bit of training,
and a painless process is all you need.

See our approach

Conversations to Drive and Align Employee Performance






Assess performance without ratings. 

If you're thinking of dropping the 1 - 5 rating scale, do it!   But don't abandon metrics.    Accurate assessment informs decisions about pay, advancement, identifies high-potentials, course-corrects off-target performers, and more.  

We'll set you up with a system to continue assessing and tracking performance with our methodololgy and software tool. 

Measure Performance With Our 4-Box


Continuous performance management (CPM) is only as good as the quality of dialogue between managers and employees

We have a formula that trains managers to accurately assess performance without using ratings, and use this information to identify the one thing the employee can start, stop, do more of or less of to be even more effective.

Managers learn to put the right words together to confidently start and steer the conversation in a way that’s hearable, sayable, and inspiring. Using words that aren’t watered-down or sugarcoated, or too harsh and critical.

Train Your Managers

Jamie Resker Founder and Practice Leader Employee Performance Solutions (3)




The right conversations between managers and employees have a powerfully positive effect

Simplistic solutions like managing performance with an app might sound good but won’t work in practice.  Reminding managers to give feedback early and often isn't enough to make it happen.  The problem is that just 6% of managers are skilled at having candid performance conversations. These skills don’t come naturally, but can be learned. 

With our manager and employee training and combined with our software our 10-Minute Questions Conversation framework it's easy for managers and employees to prepare and hold the right discussions. 

Train Your Employees


Distributed Work Arrangements and Performance Management

Feedback about observed work is more difficult given distributed work arrangements. Virtual and socially distanced communication has replaced hallway conversations, office drop-ins, and most impromptu work discussions.

Our 10-Minute Questions Conversation framework and software is the PERFECT answer to helping managers and employees connect quickly, strengthen relationships, identify necessary adjustments and near-term priorities.  





Instead of Reviewing the Past, Focus Conversations on NOW and what's next

Actively enable each of your employees' best performance with a forward-looking process instead of evaluating and rating the past. 

Redirect the time and energy spent reviewing past performance to smaller conversations throughout the year.    


continuous performance management 

your 4-steps to success

 Four steps to ensure conversations where employees know what they do well/should continue and the one thing they should do in the now to be more effective:

  • Assess and track performance
  • Training for managers and all staff 
  • Process for quick and effective conversations
  • Software to track performance progress and conversations


#1:  On-target Results + Behaviors
Help your employees
to perform to their highest potential

You'll learn how to assess performance without ratings with the 4-Box Employee Performance Continuum.  This is the starting point for conversations to accelerate employee performance. It helps you to discover where your employees are and where you need them to be. 


#2:  We’ll help you find
the words that are
hearable and sayable

Our tools and training to show your managers and employees how to have candid, productive conversations about performance, expectations, and potential. Your managers will be able to confidently assess performance, identify areas for improvement, and know what to say, assuring they will give feedback early and often.



Our Performance Continuum Insight Method trains your managers to assess employees’ current performance using a simple guided method. Manager and employee then have a 10-minute focused conversations about specific aspects of the employee’s performance, based on a few questions each has chosen from a customized list.



#4:  The 10MQ SaaS Platform tool

Use our performance management software platform to assess and track employee performance using our 4-square Employee Performance Continuum.  Managers and employees can schedule and house their 10-Minute Question Conversations and Action Items. Customize your questions and choose from over 300 conversation starter questions.   The tool helps implement the process and training and is designed to facilitate Conversations. 



"We replaced annual reviews with a robust, conversation-based program with frequent and meaningful performance development conversations throughout the year. It’s a co-owned employee/manager partnership using flexible conversation guides.  The Employee Performance Continuum lets us measure performance improvements.  Our CEO thinks it is the best performance management program and process he has ever experienced."

Paula A. Cloghessy
Chief Human Resources Officer
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There’s no need for annual performance appraisals because higher-level conversations about performance and development are ongoing.  We address issues earlier, and managers come sooner to talk through any problems. We now have a system employees want to participate in versus a system that HR was telling people to use. 

Tracey A. Cahalane,
Director of Human Resources
Microline Surgical


Ready to Make a Successful Transition to the Continuous Performance Management Process?  

Shift the time and energy spent on reviewing past performance to increased  frequency and quality of dialogue between managers and employees

We offer tools and training to show your managers and employees how to have candid, productive conversations about performance, expectations, and potential. Your managers will be able to confidently assess performance, identify areas for improvement, and know what to say, assuring they will give feedback early and often. 


Measure Performance Without Ratings With the Employee Performance Continuum.

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