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With over 20 years of proven application, our expertise lies in offering customizable tools and training programs that bridge the gap between the recommendation to provide feedback and its successful implementation.


b-1We’ve combined neuroscience, Appreciative Inquiry, and over 20 years of discoveries to develop simple, big-impact changes in communication between managers and employees.  


talk2-1Our program content, tools, and templates create a system of building trusting work relationships that drive productivity, engagement, and openness to two-way feedback. 





Performance Coaching Training for Managers. Quickly develop the skills of your people leaders to provide performance-boosting feedback. Learn the essentials of analyzing performance, uncovering the highest impact area for development, and crafting non-threatening messages that can be heard and are comfortable to deliver

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Individual Contributors

Conversations to Accelerate Your Performance and Potential. Show employees that you're invested in strengthening relationships with their managers and actively helping them take charge of their career, performance, and development. Participants will learn how to engage in career, growth planning, and performance conversations.

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Deepen the performance management knowledge and skills of your HR and talent team. Build your skills as an HRBP, Employee Relations pro, or another supporting HR member to successfully coach managers facing difficult-to-address employee performance issues.  Modern-day performance management is more strategic and dynamic than annual reviews and ratings. HR’s role is anything but diminished. We can help get your team on board with the new strategies, establish roles and responsibilities, and provide training and support for your HR team as part of your program launch. 

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Want to modernize performance management throughout your organization?  Transitioning away from annual performance reviews to the continuous performance management process can feel overwhelming. Where do you start, and how do you get it right? We will partner with you to design and deploy a program that meets the expectations of today’s modern workforce. Our simple system, tailored to your organization, genuinely engages employees and adds to a positive, productive work culture – all while driving individual and organizational performance.

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here's what you can expect

brain Experiential and customized
Workshops are focused, interactive, and matched to your organization’s needs, existing initiatives, and culture. 



Facilitated live virtually
Real-time learning with activities, feedback, and peer interactions.


fast-1Quickly applied
Providing the necessary skills and tools for immediate use.  



Focused on small actions with big impact
Uncomplicated and intuitive steps to engage in performance-changing conversations.



Learn, Try and Apply
Training is designed to learn a concept, try it out individually, and discuss and share the experience with a partner via breakout room.


implementPrepared and ready to go
Participants receive templates with instructions and assignments to begin using the process right away.



  • feedback“No one teaches you what to say and how to say it when you become a manager. I think it's assumed that you're having the right conversations. I like this roadmap."

  • “Excellent program because I’m walking away with some new tools to get constructive feedback on my own terms.“

  • “This is a recipe for correcting problems in the right way—no more guesswork in what to say and how to say it.“

  • “Finding an active role for the employee to play during performance discussions makes a difference. I no longer feel like it's all on me to initiate feedback and direction. The 10-Minute convo makes the process collaborative and a shared partnership.“

  • “Very informative and inventive…easy ideas to apply that will help me be honest with my staff about performance tweaks in a way that doesn't kill their motivation.“

  • “The concepts are easily absorbed, but it’s how our company had us apply what we learned after the training that made it all stick.



Watch this video to see our approach to setting the stage for performance-boosting conversations


looking for a way to assess employee performance without ratings?assess-1

The 1 - 5 rating scale is too narrow to describe human performance accurately. It's tempting to drop ratings, but a successful program is built around assessing and monitoring performance effectiveness.

An alternative to ratings is our model, the Employee Performance Continuum, a four-square image that helps assess and track Work Results and Observable Behaviors.

It's a proven tool that supports managers to evaluate their team accurately and develop tailored performance-boosting coaching (*when appropriately used).

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 We'll set you up with a system to continue assessing and tracking performance with our methodology and online tool

*We've developed a proven formula to help ensure performance is fairly assessed, and that bias and assumptions are recognized and minimized. The Performance Coaching program prepares managers to analyze performance and identify the most important thing the employee can start, stop, do more of or less of to be even more effective. The idea is to use the information with the right intent:  helping and driving conversations that accelerate a person's performance and potential. 

Measure Performance With Our 4-Box



feedbackskillsHow do you get managers to follow through on the most common HR advice of "Give feedback early and often."?

It's easy to advise managers to give timely feedback.  But why don't they follow through? 

The problem with feedback is that it's hard to do. Most people don't know what to say:

                • What if I say the wrong thing?
                • What if the person gets defensive, upset, or shuts down?
                • What if I damage our relationship?
                • What if I create an awkward situation?

So what is the secret to getting managers to really give feedback early and often? 

Giving feedback isn't something that comes naturally for most people.

The bad news is that only about  6% of managers are highly skilled in holding candid conversations about performance. The good news is that it can be learned. Our performance coaching training prepares managers to know what to say with confidence:



Performance feedback training for managers

We begin with how to accurately and fairly assess performance. The assessment leads to: 

      1. Crafting high-impact messages to recognize each employee's positive contributions
      2. Identifying each employee's most important area for development or improvement
      3. Knowing what to say using a formula to find the right words to begin and steer a two-way conversation  
      4. Using a framework for quick two-way performance development style conversations (including feedback for the manager)



The key to making "giving feedback early and often" a reality is skills training and practice. Set your managers up for success by equipping them with the tools and ability to more comfortably and confidently provide performance-boosting feedback.  




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#1:  On-target Results + Behaviors
Help your employees
to perform to their highest potential

You'll learn how to assess performance without ratings with the 4-Box Employee Performance Continuum.  This is the starting point for conversations to accelerate employee performance. It helps you to discover where your employees are and where you need them to be. 


#2:  We’ll help you find
the words that are
hearable and sayable

Our tools and training to show your managers and employees how to have candid, productive conversations about performance, expectations, and potential. Your managers will be able to confidently assess performance, identify areas for improvement, and know what to say, assuring they will give feedback early and often.



Our Performance Continuum Insight Method trains your managers to assess employees’ current performance using a simple guided method. Manager and employee then have a 10-minute focused conversations about specific aspects of the employee’s performance, based on a few questions each has chosen from a customized list.



#4:  The 10MQ SaaS Platform tool

Use our performance management software platform to assess and track employee performance using our 4-square Employee Performance Continuum.  Managers and employees can schedule and house their 10-Minute Question Conversations and Action Items. Customize your questions and choose from over 300 conversation starter questions.   The tool helps implement the process and training and is designed to facilitate Conversations. 



"We replaced annual reviews with a robust, conversation-based program with frequent and meaningful performance development conversations throughout the year. It’s a co-owned employee/manager partnership using flexible conversation guides.  The Employee Performance Continuum lets us measure performance improvements.  Our CEO thinks it is the best performance management program and process he has ever experienced."

Paula A. Cloghessy
Chief Human Resources Officer
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There’s no need for annual performance appraisals because higher-level conversations about performance and development are ongoing.  We address issues earlier, and managers come sooner to talk through any problems. We now have a system employees want to participate in versus a system that HR was telling people to use. 

Tracey A. Cahalane,
Director of Human Resources
Microline Surgical


Ready to Make a Successful Transition to the Continuous Performance Management Process?  

Shift the time and energy spent on reviewing past performance to increased  frequency and quality of dialogue between managers and employees

We offer tools and training to show your managers and employees how to have candid, productive conversations about performance, expectations, and potential. Your managers will be able to confidently assess performance, identify areas for improvement, and know what to say, assuring they will give feedback early and often. 


Measure Performance Without Ratings With the Employee Performance Continuum.

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