The Employee Performance Continuum® Visually Maps the Performance Levels of Employees

Measure and Track Employee Performance Without Ratings and Annual Reviews




Why Use This Model?
The most important use for the Employee Performance Continuum is to help manager's describe their rationale for how they assess the employee's Work Results and Observed Behavior.  This is the starting point in helping managers engage in tailored conversations designed to bring out the best in each employee.  We advise our clients to use the Continuum as a calibration tool in the Team Plotting Discovery process.  

Training and Practice
Through practice and real-life application in the Conversations to Optimize Employee Performance and Potential Workshop, managers and HR learn how to use the Continuum to accurately measure and track performance.  Some clients use the model to help inform pay and employment decisions, but it is worth repeating:  the primary use for the model is to drive, align, and track performance progress, and not solely to make pay decisions.


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