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Getting Started

  • How do I install?

    Once you purchase the CLEAN Premium Pack from the Hubspot marketplace, it will be instantly be added to your account and ready to use. If you're an agency working with a client, be sure you are logged in their portal prior to making the purchase.

  • What is template "cloning"?

    "Cloning" is a term that Hubspot uses for making a duplicate copy. You can clone templates, files, modules, etc.  Prior to making and major modifications to them, I highly recommend cloning the originals so that you always have an untouched copy. 

  • Can I Customize the Colors?

    You betcha! I’ve intentionally made it very easy for you to control the color of the buttons, text, icons, and so so so so much more.


Template Customizations

  • Are the templates drag-n-drop?

    They certainly are. Every template was built using Hubspot's CMS making it EXTREMELY to edit and re-shape to your desire.

  • Can I add my own custom font?

    You sure can. Depending on what font repository (ie. Google fonts, Typekit, etc.) there are different steps involved.  All of which are very easy to do yourself.

  • Can I change the button shape?

    Absolutely! Love square buttons or pill shapes?  I've got you covered and created a very easy way for you to globally control the button shape so that ever CTA is consistent.


Support Services

  • What type of support do you offer?

    I call it "fanatical support."  With the purchase of the CLEAN Premium Pack, you get free unlimited chat & email support. Along with that I offer 2-free hours of customization support should you want me to help you make a major customization to any of the templates. 

  • What's the best way to reach you?

    The short answer is, any way you like.  For quick questions that you need an immediate answer to, try me on chat.  For questions or requests that require a bit more detail, screenshots, links, etc., sending me an email is the way to go.  

  • Do you provide additional support services?

    I sure do offer a wide variety of Hubspot related services. Let me know what you have in mind.


Additional Services

  • Can you create custom templates?

    I sure can. If you have a mock-up that you'd like turned into a beautiful, flexible, Hubspot template, let's discuss in more detail.

  • Can you help with content migration?

    Yes. If you are migrating your website to the Hubspot platform and would like help, I'm your man.  Let's discuss your project.

  • What's your turn around time?

    Quick customizations can often happen same day or within 48 hours depending on the request.  Other larger projects are discussed on a case by case basis. At the end of the day, I'm lightening fast. It's one of my superpowers. :)

Can't find the answer you're looking for?

Feel free to drop me a message. I'm happy to help answer your question.