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Measuring Employee Performance Tool

Performance and Talent Review Tool

An alternative to performance ratings and rankings

Use the  Employee Performance Continuum to quickly surface
and differentiate six employee performance types:

1.  High performers
2.  Mid-level performers
3.  New and developing performers
4.  Good interpersonal skills but low output performers
5.  High results but value detracting behavior performers
6.  Value detracting behavior and low output performers





one page performance review form

1-Page Performance Review Form

Are your managers begging for a less cumbersome process?

If you're going to have your managers fill out annual performance review forms then the least you can do is make the ritual less menacing by shortening the form and eliminating redundancy.  

  • This form contains the three essential elements of a productive performance conversation "chunked" into smaller peices.
  • Managers using this form learn how to write meaningful content that can be used for a productive performance conversation