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prepare to modernize performance management

Deepen the performance management knowledge  and skills of your HR and Talent team


Expand the capabilities and skills of your HR, Talent, Learning & Development, and OD pros to help evolve performance management in your organization.  




coach performance coaching support for managers

Train your HR team to provide performance coaching for managers needing extra help sorting through sticky performance issues

Want to give employees the best possible chance of course correcting off-target performance? Build your skills as an HRBP, Employee Relations pro, or supporting HR member to successfully coach managers facing difficult-to-address employee performance issues.  

With a shared vocabulary and standard set of tools, you'll reinforce the skills your manager learned in the Performance Coaching for Manager's Training.  

We will work with you through real-life practice to perfect your skills to prepare managers for difficult conversations with low or problem performers.  You'll use a formula that enables you to coach managers to:

  • Analyze and better understand the performance issue
  • Choose the best possible wording to engage with the employee.
  • Give the employee a chance to understand expectations and have the opportunity to make progress before more drastic steps like a Performance Improvement or Corrective Action Plan.
  • Proactively seek out managers needing your help to initiate conversations to help people succeed. 

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Preparing to support your new performance management process

    Leverage and involve your HR team to take a proactive role in evolving performance management

While the movement away from annual performance reviews and ratings is no longer a new concept, HR professionals are gaining new skills to support the organization’s transition. Your program’s success will largely hinge on establishing HR’s supporting role.  

Modern-day performance management is more strategic and dynamic than annual reviews and ratings. HR’s role is anything but diminished. We can help get your team on board with the new strategies, establish roles and responsibilities, and provide training and support for your HR team as part of your program launch.


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"Very informative and intensive. Great new ideas. Simple but powerful ways to rethink employee performance, figure out the most critical area for improvement, and use words that don't feel like "constructive criticism."

Performance Coaching for Managers

"I'm an experienced manager and wasn't looking forward to spending 4 hours in this session. Best time I've spent in any training. I learned new and practical ideas that will save me time and aggravation when dealing with performance problems."


"The most valuable part of the session was the systematic approach to identifying performance issues, what words to stay away from, and better wording to get the point across without demoralizing someone."



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How we think about employee performance

We think of performance visually:

  • The Employee Performance Continuum helps assess Results and Behavior
  • The Performance Continuum is just the starting point.  The "plotting", training, tools, and templates steer the right conversations
  • Help your managers take the guess work out of how to give performance feedback.
  • Intentionally move more of your employee's to the "top right".  We'll show you how!

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