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 Show employees that you're invested in strengthening their relationships with their manager and actively helping them take charge of their career, performance, and development. Participants will learn how to engage in career, growth planning, and performance conversations with their managers.  



Program Overview

Conversations to Accelerate Your Performance and Potential

Set employees up for success with the tools and know-how to actively partake in career and performance discussions:

  • Employee participants will learn how to initiate career, development, and performance conversations. Included are two visual models to reflect upon and discuss topics related to career, performance, and potential. Participants will have the tools and know-how to proactively engage others in career and performance discussions.

  • Participants will learn how to proactively ask questions that lead to useful insights versus waiting passively and hoping someone else provides feedback.  


eepath 1.  Conversations About Your Career Pathway  

Apply a visual timeline to map the growth you've experienced over time. Use the Career Pattern to see "your career story" and share it with your manager. The model will help facilitate an authentic conversation about your career journey beyond your resume and LinkedIn profile. Your manager will learn more about your motivations, interests, and times when you experienced the most growth. Where do you see yourself going? What experience will help you continue growing? How can your manager help?

ee reflect 2. Self Reflect On Your Performance and Potential

Use the Employee Performance Continuum to understand performance as a combination of Work Results and Observed Behaviors/Actions. Reflect on your performance and how to accelerate your potential. Understand how your day-to-day actions and interactions connect with your organization's values. The model will facilitate a big-picture conversation about the next stage in your development. Where do you see yourself? Where does your manager see you? What will help you make even more progress?

e3 3. Question-Based Conversations To Connect With Your Manager

Learn how to ask for feedback that leads to information that helps increase your sense of confidence and certainty about your performance and near-term priorities. Use a question-and-answer framework based on "relevant-to-you" topics and questions. Make it easy and comfortable for your manager and others to share their perspective about your accomplishments, strengths, and how to be even more effective moving ahead. Use the skills and tools in this workshop for soliciting ad-hoc feedback and use the 10-Minute Questions Conversation template to guide discussions with your manager.




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"I have a better sense of how to ask the right question about my performance. I now know what effective questions look like, and have lots of examples to choose from."

Performance Coaching for Managers

"HR has picked great questions for the tool (was on paper, now online with more questions to choose from). And I like the other 300 questions that are categorized by topic. Will never run out of things to talk about with my boss!"


"I feel a lot more connected with my manager with the 10-Minute check-ins. I’m used to being on the receiving end of performance reviews, not really a full participant in the conversation. After the first couple of conversations, I can say this is 1,000 times better than reviews!"



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How we think about employee performance

We think of performance visually:

  • The Employee Performance Continuum helps assess Results and Behavior
  • The Performance Continuum is just the starting point.  The "plotting", training, tools, and templates steer the right conversations
  • Help your managers take the guess work out of how to give performance feedback.
  • Intentionally move more of your employee's to the "top right".  We'll show you how!

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