Process Consulting, Tools, and Strategies for Adopting Today's Continuous Performance Management Model


Are you exploring alternatives to traditional performance management practices, but need some guidance?


If you have been given the green-light to change your organization's performance management process, congratulations!  Or perhaps you are convinced that a change needs to be made, but others, including your own HR colleagues remain skeptical.  Or, you and your HR team are excited about evolving the system, but there are some skeptics that will need to be convinced.  Wherever you are, you may have questions that include how to:  


  • Anticipate and avoid the pitfalls of swapping annual reviews and ratings by implementing the new "frequent conversation" model.


  • Set your managers and employees up for success with a collaborative conversation model with short bursts of action-oriented dialogue.


  • Build the case for moving beyond evaluations and ratings with proven strategies for swaying key skeptics to shift their thinking.



  • Replace annual review ratings with metrics that will more accurately drive and track employee performance, inform equitable pay decisions, promotions, and other employment decisions.


  • Make merit pay decisions with measures other than annual reviews and ratings.Move away from reliance on the annual review for documenting problem performance to a more efficient and timely system to identify at-risk performers and address issues before it's too late.


  • Enable meaningful conversations between employees and managers with a quick and agile check-in framework for short bursts of action-oriented relevant dialogue.


  • Re-brand and communicate without “HR-speak” about your new initiative.


  • Use communication strategies designed to socialize alternatives to performance appraisal, involve your change sponsors, and influence change resisters.


  • Socialize alternatives to performance appraisals in a way that that nearly everyone in your organization can agree upon.