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Conversations to Accelerate Employee Performance and Potential


Quickly develop the skills of your organization's people leaders to provide performance-boosting feedback. Learn the essentials of analyzing performance, uncovering the highest impact area for development, and crafting non-threatening messages that can be heard and are comfortable to deliver. 



performance coaching Program Overview

Conversations to Accelerate Employee Performance and Potential

Managers usually learn to give feedback by presenting a problem, giving examples, and describing the impact. This uncomfortable approach leads most people to avoid, water down or delay important conversations. 
Research shows that just about 6% of managers are skilled at having candid performance conversations. The fear of engaging in a difficult or uncomfortable conversation prevents most managers from acting on the standard HR advice to: "provide feedback "early and often." These skills don't come naturally, but they can be learned.

Participants learn how to analyze performance, uncover the highest impact area for development, and craft non-threatening messages that are hearable, sayable, and inspiring.

  • Our signature program enables people managers to build their capabilities to transform performance through performance development conversations.

  • Participants learn how to analyze performance, uncover the highest impact area for development, and craft non-threatening messages that can be heard and are comfortable to deliver. 

  • Learn how to course-correct patterns of off-target performance without dredging up past infractions. 

  • In place of criticism and judgment, a system of "coaching-forward/how can I help this person develop" will improve performance and strengthen the communication and connections between managers and employees.


Screenshot 2021-10-01 170325 1.  assess performance  

See performance as a combination of Work Results and Observed Behaviors/Actions – assess performance using our visual model. Use the information to plan for the right conversations.

Screenshot 2021-10-01 170404 2. Give More positive feedback

Master the 3-key steps to formulate insightful positive feedback.   The process for finding the right words is simple and powerful.  The person on the receiving end gets a boost in confidence – with a whole new perspective on their strengths and positive impact.    

manage performance problems 3. course-correct off-target performance

Use a five-part formula method to unravel and understand performance gaps. Recognize and minimize unfounded assumptions, judgments, and opinions to reduce bias. Sort through complex issues to uncover the one thing that would most significantly improve effectiveness. Once you’ve analyzed and named the gap, you’re ready for the next step – finding the right words to convey the on-target performance.

Screenshot 2021-10-01 170501 4. know what to say

Using our signature “turnaround method,” learn to reframe performance gaps into future-focused requests. Formulate the best possible wording to convey expectations with brain-friendly language that’s direct, specific, and actionable. Understand why the human brain is hard-wired to push away “constructive criticism” – instead, select wording to give difficult feedback in a well-received way.  

Screenshot 2021-10-01 170519 5. question-based feedback conversations

Use the 10-Minute Questions Conversation template – a framework that presents the perfect opportunity to easily share your perspective about the employee’s positive contributions and impact – and how to be even more effective moving ahead. Listen to learn – improve collaboration and strengthen your relationships by tuning in to the topics and questions selected by the employee. Solicit upward feedback – learn what the employee appreciates about your support and how you can be more supportive moving ahead.



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"Very informative and intensive. Great new ideas. Simple but powerful ways to rethink employee performance, figure out the most critical area for improvement, and use words that don't feel like "constructive criticism."

Performance Coaching for Managers

"I'm an experienced manager and wasn't looking forward to spending 4 hours in this session. Best time I've spent in any training. I learned new and practical ideas that will save me time and aggravation when dealing with performance problems."


"The most valuable part of the session was the systematic approach to identifying performance issues, what words to stay away from, and better wording to get the point across without demoralizing someone."



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How we think about employee performance

We think of performance visually:

  • The Employee Performance Continuum helps assess Results and Behavior
  • The Performance Continuum is just the starting point.  The "plotting", training, tools, and templates steer the right conversations
  • Help your managers take the guess work out of how to give performance feedback.
  • Intentionally move more of your employee's to the "top right".  We'll show you how!

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