We train managers to help every employee in your organization reach their full potential. Through our Conversations to Accelerate Employee Performance and Potential training and tools, managers learn to analyze performance in order to engage in the right conversations. Redirect off-target performance by articulating clear and actionable future expectations, which motivates and inspires improved performance. Participants gain tools to counteract their natural inclination to dwell on mistakes made in the past. The approach fosters trust, encourages collaboration, and strengthens the employee/manager relationship.

Quickly develop the skills of your organization’s people leaders to provide performance-boosting feedback. Learn the essentials of analyzing performance to spot strengths and contributions. Uncover the highest impact area for development and craft non-threatening messages that can be heard and are comfortable to deliver.

  • Strengthen the ability of the people leaders in your organization to deliver performance-enhancing feedback.
  • Learn the fundamentals of performance analysis to identify strengths and contributions.
  • Uncover the highest impact area for development and craft non-threatening messages that can be heard and are comfortable to deliver.
  • Set the stage for managers to talk to team members about their goals and aspirations for their careers and professional development.

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Managers usually learn to give feedback by presenting a problem, giving examples, and describing the impact. This uncomfortable approach leads most people to avoid, water down, or delay important conversations. Research shows that just about 6% of managers are skilled at having candid performance conversations. The fear of engaging in a difficult or uncomfortable conversation prevents most managers from acting on the standard HR advice to: “provide feedback “early and often”. These skills don’t come naturally, but they can be learned.

Participants learn how to analyze performance, uncover the highest impact area for development, and craft non-threatening messages that are hearable, sayable, and inspiring.

  • Our signature program enables people managers to build their capabilities to transform performance through performance development conversations.
  • Quickly develop the skills to provide performance-boosting feedback. Learn the essentials of analyzing performance to spot strengths and contributions.
  • Participants learn how to analyze performance, uncover the highest impact area for development, and craft non-threatening messages that can be heard and are comfortable to deliver.
  • Learn how to course-correct patterns of off-target performance without dredging up past infractions.
  • In place of criticism and judgment, a system of “coaching-forward/how can I help this person develop” will improve performance and strengthen the communication and connections between managers and employees.



See performance as a combination of Work Results and Observed Behaviors/Actions – assess performance using our visual model. Use the information to plan for the right conversations.


Use our Career Pattern visual model to help facilitate employee-driven career growth and development conversations. Gain insight into an individual’s motivations, interests, future ambitions, and next professional development phase. Learn what new experiences will help the employee feel engaged and content. See how you can help support the employee’s interests and goals. Understand the critical connection between career satisfaction and job performance.


Master the 3-key steps to formulate insightful positive feedback. The process for finding the right words is simple and powerful. The person on the receiving end gets a boost in confidence – with a whole new perspective on their strengths and positive impact.


Use a five-part formula method to unravel and understand performance gaps. Recognize and minimize unfounded assumptions, judgments, and opinions to reduce bias. Sort through complex issues to uncover the one thing that would most significantly improve effectiveness. Once you’ve analyzed and named the gap, you’re ready for the next step – finding the right words to convey the on-target performance.


Using our signature “turnaround method,” learn to reframe performance gaps into future-focused requests. Formulate the best possible wording to convey expectations with brain-friendly language that’s direct, specific, and actionable. Understand why the human brain is hard-wired to push away “constructive criticism” – instead, select wording to give difficult feedback in a well-received way.


Use the 10-Minute Questions Conversation template – a framework that presents the perfect opportunity to easily share your perspective about the employee’s positive contributions and impact – and how to be even more effective in moving ahead. Listen to learn—improve collaboration and strengthen your relationships by tuning in to the topics and questions selected by the employee. Solicit upward feedback – learn what the employee appreciates about your support and how you can be more supportive moving ahead.



“Very informative and intensive. Great new ideas. Simple but powerful ways to rethink employee performance, figure out the most critical area for improvement, and use words that don’t feel like “constructive criticism.”

“I’m an experienced manager and wasn’t looking forward to spending 4 hours in this session. Best time I’ve spent in any training. I learned new and practical ideas that will save me time and aggravation when dealing with performance problems.”

“The most valuable part of the session was the systematic approach to identifying performance issues, what words to stay away from, and better wording to get the point across without demoralizing someone.”

“I appreciated the performance problem examples and the time and instruction to apply the steps to several performance issues. Trying out the tools and steps helped cement the information.”

“I NOW have a new plan for a person that accepts feedback initially but continues to arrive late, etc.-even after progressive discipline has been initiated.”

“I was hoping this workshop would help me manage some disruptive behavior employees on my team. I’m not disappointed! Instead of generic advice, I have two strategies to practice implementation to deal with behavior issues tactfully.”



We think of performance visually:



More About Our Approach

There are many different ways to provide assistance with the management of employee performance, including performance coaching, performance management training, performance feedback, and training on preparing and delivering performance reviews. Although each is unique, they all share some commonalities and overlap in some ways.

The justification behind providing a workshop on providing feedback on performance is straightforward: It is anticipated that managers would heed the recommendation to provide feedback both frequently and immediately. Unfortunately, these abilities do not come naturally.

Offering a performance feedback training workshop for managers or anyone responsible for leading people is essential. Why? Because just about 6% of managers are skilled at initiating performance conversations. Offering a performance management training program fills a basic need.

Who can benefit from performance management skills training for managers?  It is only normal to presume that those who are new to managing require specific training for new managers. However, in the past, individuals who were promoted into management responsibilities were immediately thrust into those jobs without receiving the tools and training necessary to successfully move from individual contributor to manager.. So, not only do newly promoted people managers need a performance coaching skills training workshop or a how to deliver effective feedback training workshop, more experienced leaders can also benefit

Performance management workshops for managers  covers a wide array of needs, from coaching to feedback to more formal processes like training for writing and delivering annual performance evaluations:

Performance Coaching Training Workshop

A performance coaching workshop makes sense when the organization’s initiative is framed as “manager as coach.” Coaching varies from more operational responsibilities like training for preparing and delivering performance reviews since it is a more evolved approach to performance management.  Offering a performance coaching manager training workshop is seen as more strategic and evolved.   Most people would rather add “performance coaching”  versus wrote and delivered annual performance reviews” to their resume or LinkedIn profile.

Building the skills and confidence of your managers with a performance coaching conversations training workshop is essential.  Our Conversations to Accelerate Employee Performance and Potential program is tailored to your organization’s needs for delivering effective feedback workshop.

Deliver Effective Feedback Training Workshop

Give feedback early and often is standard advice from HR to managers. However, because most people do not know how to initiate feedback dialogues, it is critical to provide a deliver effective feedback workshop.    Feedback is especially difficult when the issue involves problematic or disruptive behaviors. As a result, it is critical to provide managers with the skills and competences to know what to say. Feedback is often delayed, given in a generic, watered-down style, or conveyed harshly, resulting in a defensive response.

If you’re looking for a course on giving effective feedback, Conversations to Accelerate Employee Performance and Potential provides the skills, resources, and practice to help your managers execute the age-old advice to give feedback frequently.

Traditional Performance Management Performance review Training for Managers

Despite the shift from yearly performance reviews to continuous performance management, many organizations continue to use the more traditional annual review procedure.

Employee Performance Solutions is an indispensable resource for performance review writing training workshops.  The tools and training are customized to the organization’s principles, competencies, procedures, and forms. Participants are taught to produce content that is relevant to the contributions, strengths, and development needs of employees.

In addition to the written information, we are strong advocates for ongoing performance development conversations.  While we may assist managers in evaluating past performance, we also work with customers to implement tools and training for continuous performance coaching and feedback. With an emphasis on what is now working and how to be more efficient in the near future.

Tailored Hybrid Solutions

We offer hybrid solutions to support performance coaching, feedback, and writing and delivering performance reviews through training and workshops. Every client has individual needs.  Sometimes, the need is unique to the organization’s process, for example, regular feedback or coaching conversations or a more formal process like annual reviews where the need is to offer a performance review writing training workshop or general performance review training for managers.

We love partnering with our clients to understand and meet their needs.  Our solutions are customized to incorporate your organizational values and process.

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Shift the time and energy spent on reviewing past performance to increased frequency and quality of dialogue between managers and employees

We offer tools and training to show your managers and employees how to have candid, productive conversations about performance, expectations, and potential. Your managers will be able to confidently assess performance, identify areas for improvement, and know what to say, assuring they will give feedback early and often.