Jamie Resker

Jamie Resker

Jamie Resker, Founder and Practice Leader of Employee Performance Solutions, is a recognized thought leader and innovator in the area of performance management. She helps organizations create a culture of performance development conversations by reshaping dialogue between managers and employees with a framework designed to exchange meaningful information. Jamie is the originator of the Performance Continuum Feedback Method®, an approach for differentiating employee performance, identifying gaps and crafting hearable, sayable feedback. Her work is anchored on the principles of neuro-leadership and elements of Appreciative Inquiry which make the tools and training universally applicable, transcending organization type/size, industry, geography and culture. Jamie is a frequent contributor on the topic of employee performance and feedback. She holds a BA in Business from Emmanuel College and is an instructor at the Boston University Corporate Education Group. She is on the faculty for the Northeast Human Resources Association and is an Advisory Board Member for the Institute of Human Resources.

Recent posts by Jamie Resker

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Creating a Positive  performance management Experience for employees

By Jamie Resker on Mar 17, 2022 3:17:09 PM

For the last two years, kitchen tables and home offices have become the new office cubicle. As manufacturing and service employees return to work, office employees continue to work from home. Employees today, no matter the industry, are finding themselves reexamining their changing manager interactions, often due to location, priorities, and access.

Topics: performance management best practices making pay decisions without ratings Continuous performance management employee experience based performance management
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10 Steps to Successfully Revamp Performance Management

By Jamie Resker on Sep 16, 2021 5:37:35 PM

I've learned firsthand that making artificial modifications to performance management doesn’t work. If you're a seasoned HR pro, you've likely had the same experience: repeatedly fine-tuning things like ratings and processes that you hope will work but don't.  

Topics: do's and dont's of performance management Continuous performance management performance feedback training for managers Prep employees for performance conversations how to assess performance without ratings
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Why you should stop advising managers to give feedback early and often

By Jamie Resker on Jul 7, 2021 4:03:05 PM

Continuous Performance Management Saves the Day

One of the most fundamental parts of a manager’s job is giving timely feedback.  When you adopt best practice continuous performance management there's no need to remind managers to give feedback early and often.  I'll explain why and how:

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A kinder way to look at "low performers"

By Jamie Resker on Apr 16, 2021 4:40:13 PM

At-Risk Employees Versus Low Or Problem Performers

When performance is off-target, and the manager has yet to engage in a conversation, I advise against labeling people as low or problem performers. Instead, I describe this person as at-risk.

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a successful journey to dropping annual reviews and ratings

By Jamie Resker on Apr 16, 2021 3:59:46 PM

The catalyst for dropping annual performance reviews at A.I.M. Mutual Insurance started with Mike Standing, President, and C.E.O., asking Mark Millett, HR Manager, to fix the system. Announcing the end of annual appraisals earned Mark a rousing round of applause at the all-colleague meeting.